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A Pennsauken Public Library Five-Year Strategic Planning Process 2007-2012

The Pennsauken Public Library has embarked on a five-year strategic planning process. Though the principles of library service have been constants for several decades now, it is library services and their methods of delivery that have developed in ways unimaginable by previous generations. Libraries have and forever will evolve because our American society, culture, and people we serve are changing. Strategic planning will assist the Pennsauken Library to manage these changes through these transitional periods.

Pennsauken Free Public Library Core Values

Teamwork: We strive to work together in a spirit of cooperation to achieve organizational excellence and quality service.

Quality Service: We strive to anticipate needs and exceed expectations in delivering service.

Integrity: We strive to act with honesty and fairness as we conduct library business with customers and each other; we believe in accountability and responsibility by accomplishing the goals of our library agency.

Communication: We believe in the open exchange of information as a critical process for creating a dynamic environment within the library and with our community.

Intellectual Freedom: We are committed to providing access to resources that inform, interest, and enlighten all people in our community.

Diversity: We believe in the concept of inclusion, we recognize the dignity of all people from all backgrounds and we value contributions and ideas from all members of our diverse community.

Future-Oriented: We strive to respond to emerging library practices and technologies and attempt to anticipate changes in our community's needs.

Basic Goals

  1. Create a strong and effective group of library advocates for funding the Pennsauken Public Library.
  2. Enhance the library's physical infrastructure.
  3. Increase the overall level of support for the library by securing increased stable and secured sources of funding to allow the library to grow and flourish.
  4. Provide a wide array of library services and programs to enhance the library experience.
  5. Build broad-based community support for the library.
  6. Increase the level of awareness about the library in all segments of the community.
  7. Provide an organizational infrastructure that supports the delivery of exceptional library service.

Panel Contact

Geri Tabako, President, Board of Trustees of the Pennsauken Public Library