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Homework Help - Science

Bam! Body and Mind
— The Center for Disease Control (CDC) presents this website focusing on your life, your body, and your safety. There's games, quizzes, and all the information you need.

The Bubblesphere
—On this site you can learn how to make bubble-blowing solutions, how to use household items that can be used for blowing bubbles and more.

Exploratorium Science of Gardening
— Everything you ever wanted to know about gardening and the science behind it.

Exploratorium Science Snacks
—These are not snacks to eat, they are science experiments. You can link to each snack and get a list of the materials needed, assembly instructions and explanations of the science concept used.

The Franklin Institute
—Learn from the oldest science museum in the country.

IPL Science Fair Project Resource Guide
—Here you have links and information on how to get started, sample projects, ideas, on-line science magazines and other useful resources.

Jefferson Lab Student Zone
Science themed games, puzzles, and homework help from a dedicated science laboratory.

Journey North
A site exploring all aspects of animal migration and seasonal change.

Kinetic City Cyber Club
—You can join the Kinetic City Super Crew for science adventure, fun games and really neat freebies.

—There are several features on this site, including feelings, food and fitness, and health and the body. There are games and recipes too. This site was created by pediatric medical experts at the DuPont Hospital for Children and other children's health facilities.

Lab TV
—Science videos from the National Defense Education Program.

The Lorax Project
— From the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss, information on saving the planet and protecting endangered species.

Nourish Interactive
— A nutrition education website for kids with games, challenges, and interactie tools.

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
—This is a site with free fun educational science experiments for kids in science, chemistry, physics and earth science.

—You can try some neat on-line experiments and print out more to try at home. You can also find science centers all over the world.