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2023 Readers Are Leaders

2023 Readers are Leaders

We want to thank the following readers for participating in the Pennsauken Free Public Library 2023 Annual Readers are Leaders: 

Nicole Roberts, Claudia Cream, Diane Johnson, Marilyn Larke, Pamela Coles, Sharon Lester, and Larry Cardwell.

Their continued support is the reason why this important initiative is successful. 


We also want to thank District Librarian Bridget Zino and Delair Principal Rosalyn Lawrence for their cooperation and allowing us to read to over 200 students from K through 3rd grade. 


Readers are Leaders involves Black community leaders reading to elementary students. The goal is to allow students to meet these leaders in a familiar setting while sharing the joy of reading, exploring, and learning. This event also allows students to visually see those representing equity, diversity, and inclusion while learning from those who lived it and whose legacy continues to strive for change.


We look forward to working with you all in 2024. 


Tanya Finney Estrada, MLIS 

Library Director