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Have you ever been annoyed at having to care for someone else when you wanted to do something for yourself, or stewed at the unfairness of other people's consequences punishing you as well? If so, you understand exactly how Janner Wingfeather feels. The world of Aerwiar, where Janner lives with his crippled sister and mischievous younger brother, is filled with monsters, wild animals, and a black carriage that carries off children in the night´┐Żand Janner is supposed to protect his younger siblings when he'd rather be off having adventures like his x-pirate grandfather used to do. When his younger sister's dog bites one of the lizard soldiers that patrol their boring little township, Janner's adventures take off, and they don't stop. Suspenseful, funny, gross, and often heart-breakingly beautiful, the Wingfeather Saga series explores with increasing depth and power the struggles that come with truly loving imperfect people in an imperfect world. The Wingfeather books make perfect reading material for strong readers ages nine and up and excellent read-alouds or audio books for anyone ages seven and up. Enjoy them, and find yourself changed.

Book #1 On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

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Book #2 North! Or Be Eaten

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Book #3 The Monster in the Hollows

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Book #4 The Warden and the Wolf King

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