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Museum Pass Program

Why a "Museum Pass" program?

A Museum Pass program enables library patrons to visit several area museums and gardens providing opportunities for learning, leisure, cultural enrichment, and fun.

Please call the museum or check the museum website prior to your visit in order to verify open hours and comply with each museum's individual safety protocols. 

List of Museums and Gardens:

Who can check out a museum pass?

All Pennsauken Library full-service cardholders in good standing are eligible to check out a museum pass. Passes are on a first-come, first served basis. Patrons can have one pass per family out at a time.

Where can I pick up a museum pass?

Museum passes must be picked up and returned only at the Pennsauken Library Circulation Desk.

Can I reserve a museum pass for pick-up?

Yes. If a pass is available for check out, you may reserve it for up to one hour only by calling the Pennsauken Library Circulation Desk, at 856-665-5959, extension 3. Museum passes are NOT holdable via the Library online catalog.

Where can I return a museum pass?

Museum passes must be returned to the Pennsauken Library Circulation Desk. Please hand the plastic case directly to a staff member. Please be sure that the museum pass is returned with the case.

How long can I keep a museum pass?

A museum pass may be checked out for four (4) days.

What if I don't return the pass on time?

A extended use fee of $5.00/day will apply with a maximum late fine of $25.00. There will be a $4.00 fee for losing or damaging the case. The museum pass lost fee is the cost of the pass. This fee varies, depending on the pass.

Does the pass cover anything besides the cost of admission?

No. All parking, tolls, and transportation costs are the responsibility of the pass holder.